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Miniature Landscape Resin Painting Series

Starting my Resin Series

I’ve worked with resin in the past, and I’ve always loved the possibilities. You can create a whole range of different projects, art pieces, trinkets, whatever! Resin is such a versatile medium, and it’s becoming ever more popular now with the availability of molds and materials that you can have delivered directly from Amazon.

I used to create these jewelry pendants that I hand painted, creating miniature renditions of animals and landscapes. My process was to collect white birch bark, delicately trim it to shape into a plated cabochon, and then paint my image directly into the cabochon with acrylic paint and fine paintbrushes. When it was dry, I prepared my resin and poured it onto of my painting in the recessed part of the cabochon. I finished it by fitting it with a chain. They turned out really lovely, and the resin brought out the pigments in the acrylic paint beautifully, giving it a glossy look while being strong and resilient.

resin pendants with hand painted scenes

I took a break from jewelry making and focused more on illustration and painting from that point. But I have always had the idea of incorporating resin in my artwork again. I just didn’t know how I wanted to apply it yet.

Lately, I started having a yearning for creating form and sculpture. A project that I always wanted to try was casting my animal skull collection. This is the perfect way I can incorporate resin in my art! I’m going to do some pours for fun using some silicone molds shaped like planchettes, and then my next step is to create a silicone mold of one of my skulls. For this process I am using “Let’s Resin” that I ordered from Amazon. Because this is my first time using this brand, or casting skulls in general, I’m going to start with my raccoon skull and save my most prized skulls for last so I can perfect my technique first. I then plan to embed various elements in the resin that will be part of the finished mold.